what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work



NEVER trust an adult who won’t apologize to a child

Wow. I’d never seen it put that way, but. Wow. That is a really good piece of advice.

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satire is “I’m going to take this concept to an extreme or absurd level in order to demonstrate how bizarre/nonsensical/illogical it is” and not “I said something bigoted but just kidding I didn’t really mean it hahaha”

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what's wrong with a. hussie?








boots its your time to shine

  • Made many racist, misogynistic comics here
  • Made the tricksters in HS canonically white after a huge debate on what characters were what race, (which he commented on saying he didn’t really care, but the characters were definitely not black.) he later changed the panels so one character said they were feeling ‘peachy’ instead of ‘caucasian’ 
  • Made a character whose whole purpose was to make fun of SJWs
  • Made fun of people on the autism spectrum
  • Made his character, the Condesce, a racist stereotype 
  • Uses multiple homophobic slurs in HS
  • Repeatedly uses ableist slurs in HS
  • Makes the character Damara a racist stereotype as well, portraying her as a promiscuous japanese schoolgirl
  • Described human reproduction as ‘exclusively heterosexual’
  • A lot of fatphobic answers about his characters on formspring and twitter.
  • One of his characters, Caliborn, is a misogynistic sack of shit. Now you may debate; it’s the character, not Hussie, but remember that all the same he wrote out this character, his story and dialog, so there’s hardly a big excuse there. 

Most of these points are complete misunderstood bullshit, but oh my fucking god this one shines like the northern star in a sky of stupidity. 

You are aware what sexual reproduction is? as in, the sperm needs to enter the egg and fertilise it, to make a baby. 

He’s not talking about sexuality, he’s talking about basic fucking pregnancy. 

Seriously, now. A comic in which 30 of the main characters, nearly 100% of the cast, is lgbt+ in some way, and you’re accusing the author of homophobia? get a fucking grip.

You do realise that

some women dont have vaginas and some men dont have penises


I’m actually dumbfounded here, holy fucking shit.

Yes, i’m aware of that fact. However, it is irrelevant; sexual reproduction requires the genetic data of a male and a female sexual organ. Aka, a penis and a vagina. 

Mpreg is not a thing, and the whole bone marrow substitute thing has only just came into experimentation. 

SJW’s are a whole new level of godamn ironic. 

A trans woman pre SRS can have a baby with a cis woman, in a lesbian relationship, and a trans man pre SRS can have a baby with a cis man in a gay relationship

sooo not heterosexual

I seriously cannot argue with you, if you’re gonna be this fucking stupid about it. Holy shit, take some N3 biology, and shut the fuck up. 

The female sexual organ and the male sexual organ are completely seperate from gender. A vagina is still the female sexual organ, even if the person with a vagina is a man. The “female” indicates that it recieves genetic data to fertilise, and the “male” indicates that it produces genetic data to fertilise. It’s the same with plants and any other kind of sexual reproduction. 

It’s called Heterosexual Reproduction because it’s opposite sexual organs; male and female. 

A heterosexual is someone attracted to the opposite sex and/or gender; a heterosexual relationship is when two people of opposing sexes or genders are dating. I am not transphobic in the slightest; neither am I “abelist”. 

I’m not abelist for calling you a fucking idiot, you’re just a sensitive stupid cumswipe. 




If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

I literally can’t believe this exists there are tears in my eyes that I don’t remember crying



Voices From Beyond
Some call it a spirit board. Some call it a talking board. It is used to commune with something from another place…

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im laughing so hard you’re so fucking stupid

Proof that people behind anon-hate are nothing but fucking cowards. So the next time an anon sends you hate, just remember this post and know you’re so much better than they are.




today is the day all my followers know that im gorillaz trash